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Ruminations … Chapter 1: The Escape That Never Happens (A Leak in Authorized Distribution)

Conventional wisdom holds that counterfeit parts do not enter the supply chain through Authorized Distribution. Electronic part distribution experts claim such events are so improbable, the user community need not apply counterfeit avoidance practices when acquiring parts through authorized channels. Many of these experts have acknowledged, however, that the handling of product returns presents a possible point of vulnerability.

This essay discusses a counterfeit part escape through authorized distribution illustrating a vulnerability associated with processing products returned by customers. Authorized Distribution professionals have referred to this incident as a rarity and, therefore, neither a call for concern by the user community, nor worthy of the attention it has received. I offer some further thoughts to consider before dismissing this escape.

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Ruminations, Myths and Unreliable Facts — Introduction

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The following is the first in a series of essays written from the perspective of a US defense electronics professional with a strong bias favoring end use product integrity and reliability considerations. Some material may not be appropriate for those whose product performance expectations, business systems, or value systems support a tolerance for counterfeit part escapes.

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Ruminations, Myths and Unreliable Facts


Many industry supply chain subject matter experts have presented diagrams illustrating players in the electronic part supply chain, the movement of parts among these players, and how counterfeit parts are introduced into the supply chain. The following is an example of these supply chain depictions.

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