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Chinese Hackers Breach U.S. Navy Contractors – WSJ

WASHINGTON—Chinese hackers are breaching Navy contractors to steal everything from ship-maintenance data to missile plans, officials and experts said, triggering a top-to-bottom review of cyber vulnerabilities….

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U.S. Panel Warns China Tech Prowess Threatens U.S. Security – WSJ

WASHINGTON — A commission of security and economic experts convened by Congress warned that China’s technology-manufacturing strength threatens U.S. national security and advised U.S. government agencies to be mindful of Chinese attempts to compromise government systems. …

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In an indictment unsealed Thursday, the DOJ accused China’s Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit, Taiwan’s United Microelectronics Corporation, and employees including Jinhua’s president, of economic espionage—of stealing proprietary technology from US-based Micron Technology to make dynamic random access memory chips, which are found in just about every gadget. 

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Senate Panel Seeks FBI Briefing on Super Micro Hacking Report – Bloomberg

A U.S. Senate committee asked the FBI and Department of Homeland Security for a classified briefing on a report saying China’s intelligence services used subcontractors to plant malicious chips in Super Micro Computer Inc. server motherboards.

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Trump to meet heads of Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop at Arizona air base – Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump [met] the chief executives of the biggest U.S. defense companies at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona on Friday to discuss how they can source more parts and materials domestically …

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DOD Just Beginning to Grapple with Scale of Vulnerabilitie (GAO-19-128: Published: Oct 9, 2018)

In recent cybersecurity tests of major weapon systems DOD is developing, testers playing the role of adversary were able to take control of systems relatively easily and operate largely undetected. …

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Trump Wants Chinese Parts Out of American Weapons – DefenseOne

The White House will call for targeted investments in domestic manufacturing in an industrial-base report …

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Report available here.

How China Systematically Pries Technology From U.S. Companies – Wall Street Journal

“… Beijing leans on an array of levers to pry technology from American companies—sometimes coercively so, say businesses and the U.S. government.

Interviews with dozens of corporate and government officials on both sides of the Pacific, and a review of regulatory and other documents, reveal how systemic and methodical Beijing’s extraction of technology has become—and how unfair Chinese officials consider the complaints.

China’s tactics, these interviews and documents show, include pressuring U.S. partners in joint ventures to relinquish technology, using local courts to invalidate American firms’ patents and licensing arrangements, dispatching antitrust and other investigators, and filling regulatory panels with experts who may pass trade secrets to Chinese competitors. …”

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NDIA Electronics Division Meeting – 28 Aug 2018

NDIA Electronics Division Meeting
8:00 am – 4:15 pm
Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center
2121 Crystal Drive, Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22202

This event will bring together a diverse group of experts to discuss what is driving the U.S. approach to semiconductor industry leadership, the role that electronics capability and semiconductor leadership play in national security and economic vitality, how defense industrial base companies are responding, what workforce needs exist for electronics and how the USG, industry, including large and small companies, defense and commercial companies, can address these requirements through the following panel discussions:

  • U. S. Semiconductor Strategy Overview
  • DoD Perspective: Sustaining Strategic Technological Advantage in a Great Power Competition
  • Defense Industrial Base and Government Interactions: USG Perspective
  • Defense Industrial Base and Government Interactions: Industry Perspective
  • Skilled Workforce Needs for the Electronics Industry
  • Defense Industrial Base Challenges: Small Business Perspective
  • DoD Trusted Supply of Rad Hard FPGAs

PLUS Networking, Breakfast, Lunch and Idea Exchange with Policy and Industry Experts

Please note that this meeting is U.S. Citizen only and not open to the press. All attendees must have a government issued photo ID to enter the Lockheed Global Vision Center.

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Deliver Uncompromised: A Strategy for Supply Chain Security and Resilience in Response to the Changing Character of War

“Today, various parts of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community (IC) are generally aware of cyber and supply chain threats, but intra- and inter-government actions and knowledge are not fully coordinated or shared. …
This report examines options that span legislation and regulation, policy and administration, acquisition and oversight, programs and technology. …”

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