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Legislation Would Secure U.S. Supply Chains Against Foreign Exploitation

“Washington, D.C. – Citing the vital need for a secure U.S. industrial base, U.S. Senators Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) and Mark Warner (D-Virginia) have introduced bipartisan legislation to guard against attempts by the People’s Republic of China and others to undermine U.S. national security by exploiting and penetrating U.S. supply chains.  The Manufacturing, Investment, and Controls Review for Computer Hardware, Intellectual Property and Supply (MICROCHIPS) Act (S. 2316) would develop a national strategy to assess and prevent risks to critical U.S. technologies. …”

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FAR / DFARS CASE UPDATE (12 July 2019)

Status updates from the ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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“The East Asian Computer Chip War”

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Chu, MM., The East Asian Computer Chip War (Routledge Studies on the Chinese Economy)“, Routledge; 1 edition (November 23, 2013), ISBN 0415565529

“The semiconductor industry is a vital industry for military establishments worldwide, and the control of, or loss of control of, this key industry has enormous strategic implications. This book focuses on the globalization of the strategic semiconductor industry and the security ramifications of this process. It examines in particular the migration of the Taiwanese chip industry to China as part of the globalization of production processes, and the extent to which such a globalization process poses security challenges to the United States, China and Taiwan. Transcending disciplinary boundaries between international political economy, security studies, and the history of science and technology, this multidisciplinary work provides an in-depth understanding of the globalization-security nexus, and disentangles the key policy issues connected to a potential explosive flashpoint in world politics today….”

“Ming-chin Monique Chu [the author] completed her PhD in international studies at the University of Cambridge, UK. She is a research fellow at St Antony’s College and a postdoctoral research officer in Taiwan Studies, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, at the University of Oxford, UK. …”

Dr Ming-chin Monique Chu is Lecturer in Chinese Politics, within Politics & International Relations at the University of Southampton.

Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals: Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement; Quality Assurance

[Docket Number DARS-2019-0040; OMB Control Number 0704-0441]

Information Collection Requirement; Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS); Quality Assurance

AGENCY: Defense Acquisition Regulations System, Department of Defense (DoD)

ACTION: Notice and request for comments regarding a proposed revision and extension of an approved information collection requirement.

… DoD invites comments on: whether the proposed collection of information is necessary for the proper performance of the functions of DoD, including whether the information will have practical utility; the accuracy of the estimate of the burden of the proposed information collection; ways to enhance the quality, utility, and clarity of the information to be collected; and ways to minimize the burden of the information collection on respondents …


… The information collections … pertain to all information that offerors or contractors must submit related to DFARS contract quality assurance programs. …

a. 252.246-7003, Notification of Potential Safety Issues. …

b. 252.246-7005, Notice of Warranty Tracking of Serialized Items. …

c. 252.246-7006, Warranty Tracking of Serialized Items. …

d. 252.246-7008, Sources of Electronic Parts.
The notification and documentation requirements are necessary to comply with statute. The contracting officer will use the information to ensure that the contractor performs the traceability of parts, additional inspection, testing, and authentication required when an electronic part is not obtained from a trusted supplier. The Government may also use this information to more actively perform acceptance. …

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Comment Request; Report on the State of Counterfeit and Pirated Goods Trafficking and Recommendations

The Department of Commerce is seeking comments from intellectual property rights holders, online third-party marketplaces and other third-party intermediaries, and other private-sector stakeholders on the state of counterfeit and pirated goods trafficking through online third-party marketplaces and recommendations for curbing the trafficking in such counterfeit and pirated goods. …

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Status updates from the ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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Legislation introduced in US Congress to stop export of e-waste to China

Alleging that China regularly uses e-waste to counterfeit electronics while returning these dangerous faux products, including critical military equipment, back into the market, a group of Congressmen on Monday introduced a legislation to stop export of electronic waste to the Asian giant. …

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