Counterfeit IC image repository at

I received the following announcement this afternoon and thought it would be of interest to the readers of this blog…

From: Florida Institute for Cyber Security Research
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 3:13 PM
Subject: Introducing the NSF sponsored “

We are proud to introduce the counterfeit IC image repository located at  Counterfeit electronics are a prevailing supply chain issue, which have continued to become more widespread in recent years. Since most of the chips in the market today are not equipped with mechanisms to aid in counterfeit detection, physical inspection is the most relied upon counterfeit detection approach. Physical inspection requires a wide range of imaging modalities (optical, SEM, X-ray, etc.), materials characterization tools, and other tests to extract “defects” (anomalies) on the inside and outside of a component’s package, chip leads, ball grid, etc. Any research that could reduce the time and cost associated with physical inspection would be an immense help to industry and government, but is held back in large part by a lack of data. is aimed at overcoming this challenge by offering a database of images illustrating defects found though physical inspection for a large number of electronic components. It is an excellent resource for those who are interested in (1) learning about counterfeit defects and what they look like; (2) compiling information about the frequency and correlation of defects found from optical inspection of ICs; (3)optimizing tests and reducing the inspection time/cost; and (4) developing automated defect detection and counterfeit IC classificationbased on image processing and machine learning. Currently, the repository contains optical images obtained by our team only, but we are planning to add X-ray and SEM images in the future as well. The website also possesses the capability for registered users to add their own defect content and images for the benefit of the community.

For more information on our mission and the features of this website, you may visit Please forward this e-mail to any interested colleagues and contact us if you experience any issues with the website (broken links, functionality, etc.).

Best regards,

Domenic Forte and the Management Team



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