IPC Standards Activity for “Traceability of Critical Items Based on Risk”

The IPC—Association Connecting Electronics Industries established a task group to develop a new standard …

IPC-1782, Standard for Traceability of Critical Items Based on Risk

According to the IPC 2-19A Critical Components Traceability Task Group…

“This standard will establish minimum requirements for traceability of items throughout the entire supply chain, with particular initial emphasis on component traceability through the manufacturing and assembly processes (e.g.; SMT, mechanical assemblies, test, etc.). Minimum traceability requirements will be based on the IPC classification system (Class 1, Class 2, Class 3) and/or another set of categories of compliance (e.g.; IPC-2610 Grades A, B, and C) based on the business model/economic needs of the end-use market for the final product (telecom, aerospace, automotive, and/or consumer electronics) or a part within that product. The standard will apply to all critical parts, components, and items as defined by the Purchaser and Supplier of equipment used in the manufacture of printed wiring assemblies, as well as mechanical assemblies. The criticality of these items will be agreed to by the purchaser and supplier through the use of this standard and MIL Standard 882-E.”

More at IPC—Association Connecting Electronics Industries


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