NDIA’s Trusted Microelectronics Workshop: The Future Landscape

Trusted Microelectronics Workshop
August 25, 2015
Alexandria, VA

NDIA is pleased to offer our fifth workshop designed to identify ways in which Trusted Microelectronics can contribute to greater systems security and information assurance. With participation from both Government and Industry, our half-day workshops have provided an effective forum for direct discussions of the challenges faced by policy makers, program managers, systems developers, and supply chain managers. Register today for the upcoming workshop on August 25th in Alexandria, VA.

Mr. Rob Gold, Director, Engineering Enterprise ODASD(SE) will provide the keynote address. As a member of the Senior Executive Service, Mr. Gold is responsible for systems engineering-related policy and guidance, specialty engineering, engineering tools and environments, hardware and software assurance, and defense standardization. His specialty engineering responsibilities include reliability and maintainability, system safety, manufacturing, human systems integration, and the Department of Defense Value Engineering program.

Mr. David Meshel will present NRO’s best practices to procure trustable components from untrusted sources. A panel of Government experts has been assembled to discuss component protection options for ASICs and beyond.

At this workshop we will address:
• How can we provide programs with more choices for leading edge microelectronics technologies that are trustable?
• How can we ensure the continued domestic availability of certain state-of-the-art technologies?
• What needs to be done to encourage robust R&D in technologies that address Trust?

Who should attend:
Government and Industry program managers, systems engineers and developers, microelectronics designers, supply chain and sustainment officials, purchasing and procurement professionals, product mangers and operations analysts.

For more information about the event or to register, visit www.ndia.org.


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