“Systems engineering framework for cyber physical security and resilience”

“As our infrastructure, economy, and national defense increasingly rely upon cyberspace and information technology, the security of the systems that support these functions becomes more critical. Recent proclamations from the White House, Department of Defense, and elsewhere have called for increased resilience in our cyber capabilities. The growth of cyber threats extends well beyond the traditional areas of security managed by Information Technology software. The new cyber threats are introduced through vulnerabilities in infrastructures and industries supporting IT capital and operations. These vulnerabilities drive establishment of the area of cyber physical systems security. Cyber physical systems security integrates security into a wide range of interdependent computing systems and adjacent systems architectures. However, the concept of cyber physical system security is poorly understood, and the approach to manage vulnerabilities is fragmented. As cyber physical systems security is better understood, it will require a risk management framework that includes an integrated approach across physical, information, cognitive, and social domains to ensure resilience. The expanse of the threat environment will require a systems engineering approach to ensure wider, collaborative resiliency. Approaching cyber physical system security through the lens of resilience will enable the application of both integrated and targeted security measures and policies that ensure the continued functionality of critical services provided by our cyber infrastructure.”

Systems engineering framework for cyber physical security and resilience
Daniel DiMase, Zachary A. Collier, Kenneth Heffner, Igor Linkov

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