Third NDIA Supply Chain Summit

Third NDIA Supply Chain Summit, Tuesday, December 9th, Crown Plaza, Rockville MD

Increasingly, supply chains for defense products are being threatened by forces seeking to access technical intellectual property, to alter products performance, to disrupt operations, or to benefit economically from the robust U.S. defense market. These threats can come from insiders within the defense industrial base and their suppliers; terrorist groups;nation states (adversarial and friendly) and activist hackers. Threats can also come from dishonest merchants of counterfeit components seeking financial gain.

The third NDIA Supply Chain Summit focuses on emerging threats from the attemptedexploitation and penetration of systems tied to the production of materials for our military, and from compromised system performance due to uncertain component provenance. Whether the targets are the business networks that contain intellectual property, the manufacturing networks that run our factories, or the components that are integrated into the finished products – every aspect of the supply chain is at risk.

This event is targeted to professionals who develop policy, manage programs, or make sourcing decisions, and looks more closely at the threats to product integrity and mission assurance from technology exploitation in the supply chain. You’ll hear from senior industry and defense leaders, speaking about the threats they face daily in their extended supply chains. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your own challenges and successes with securing your supply chain.

This Summit is formatted to allow greater participation between the speakers and the attendees, with periods for moderated discussion throughout the day.


NDIA’s Supply Chain Committee has organized a series of summits focused particularly on the supply chain where it intersects with national security. NDIA members are concerned about reforming evolving government regulations and strengthening industrial defense supply chains. All of these activities impact a company’s supply chain processes and practices. NDIA’s Supply Chain Series will clearly articulate the value of supply chain management in national security, which is enhanced by better managing supply chains across the entire defense industrial base.

The first event, “Strategies for Creating Value Amid Volatility,” provided senior leadership the high-level information needed to create an organizational supply chain strategy to benefit both their business and national security.

The second event, “Investing in Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM),” providedsupply chain professionals, purchasing managers, and cost analysts insight into the types of risk found in supply chains for national defense products, how this risk impacts the value and economics of business and national security, and how this risk can be managed to deliver better performance.

This third event, “Defeating the Threats,” will provide supply chain professionals, program managers, and systems engineers an understanding of how decisions made in the early stages of a program can mitigate or avoid threats to product performance and delivery, as well as national security threats that could be embedded in their products through supply chain manipulation.


Better understand emerging threats to your product integrity and mission assurance that come through insecure supply chains

Join in discussions on defeating these emerging threats with industry leaders and government experts


Professionals in supply chain or supplier management, program management, systems engineering, product management, information security, logistics and operations.

Attendance is limited to U.S. citizens only.

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