Committee Ballot re Proposed Revision B to AS5553

A proposed revision to AS5553 is out for committee vote.

The following is a summary prepared by G19CI committee representatives describing the proposed changes and rationale for these changes.

Summary of AS5553 Revision B Changes

– The intent of the SAE AS5553 Appendices was to share best practices and provide guidance. The guidance in the Appendices has caused confusion in implementation and inconsistent assessment of supplier processes. To resolve this issue, all appendices have been reviewed to identify Appendix items that should be requirements. These items were then integrated into the requirements section of AS5553. The remaining Appendix items have been removed from the standard and will be included in a proposed integrated counterfeit guidance documents (probably an ARP). Note: Some of this information may also be integrated into the web-based Counterfeit Avoidance chapter in the IAQG Supply Chain Management Handbook. G19 Committee is planning to have this information published in the ARP in conjunction with publication of the next revision of AS5553 being published.

– The word ‘fraudulent’ was removed from the standard. ‘Fraudulent’ was introduced in Rev A. to address international concerns with the definition of counterfeit. Definitions subsequently revised to address these concerns therefore, the reference to fraudulent has been removed in the draft Rev B.

– References that were not used in the standard were removed.

– A number of revisions were added to address DFARS 252.246-7007 requirements. Due to the DoD uniqueness some DFAR requirements were not included and are not applicable to commercial and international products.

– AS 5553 is a baseline requirements document addressing the risks posed by counterfeit EEE components . Proposed changes, comments were reviewed taking into account that this is an international standard applicable to aviation, space and defense. Requirements that do not span the scope of this standard are not applicable for incorporation into this standard. Requirements that are beyond the baseline requirements should be flowed in separate contract requirements.

One thought on “Committee Ballot re Proposed Revision B to AS5553

  1. I offer some further thoughts about this proposed revision …

    Back when the original G19 committee worked on the first issue of AS5553, there was much debate over how much of the content should be in the requirements section (mandatory requirements) vs material relegated to appendices (guidance, but not required). The outcome was a standard with a high level description of what should be in a plan supported by appendices which, in my view, provided a great deal of valuable information on how to be effective. Though I have been a strong supporter of AS5553, I have been occasionally troubled by the broad variety of interpretations of compliance. In practice, I have observed some who declare their compliance to AS5553, describe the appendices as guidance only, and dismiss the guidance in favor of a more expedient “risk based” approach. As a result, many organizations would refer to AS5553, but articulate specific expectations in order to deal with the “guidance loophole”.

    There are a number of changes in this proposed revision to AS5553 that add some teeth to the mandatory requirements and also add some clarity about criteria to demonstrate compliance.

    Henry Livingston

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