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Reverse engineering a counterfeit (?) 7805 voltage regulator

This article illustrates how difficult it can be for someone other than the original component manufacturer to authenticate parts. …

Reverse engineering a counterfeit 7805 voltage regulator

The author explains how a specific microcircuit chip works, including a description of the operation of transistors contained in the chip. As the author explored the chip design, he found reasons to suspect the chip was counterfeit and produced by someone other than the OCM indicated by the marking on the device. Later, however, the author learned that his conclusion was likely incorrect.

Lesson: In the absence of authentication support from the OCM, expertise in electronic part forensics and research is necessary to determine counterfeits from authentic electronic parts.

FAR / DFAR Case Update (26 Sep 2014)

Status updates from the ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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Commentary — E-Waste Export Policy Key to Stopping Electronics Counterfeits and Protecting Military Readiness | Roll Call

… While prevention and detection measures are important, we believe we must also choke off the counterfeiters’ feedstock: e-waste exports. …

More at Roll Call.

“Cybersecurity Standards: Managing Risk and Creating Resilience” – IEEE

Collier, Zachary A; DiMase, Daniel; Walters, Steve; Tehranipoor, Mark Mohammad; Lambert, James H.; Linkov, Igor, “Cybersecurity Standards: Managing Risk and Creating Resilience,” Computer , vol.47, no.9, pp.70,76, Sept. 2014

doi: 10.1109/MC.2013.448

Abstract: A risk-based cybersecurity framework must continuously assimilate new information and track changing stakeholder priorities and adversarial capabilities, using decision-analysis tools to link technical data with expert judgment.

Available through IEEE

Avoiding Counterfeit Electronic Parts in the Age of International eCommerce

For several years now, popular media and trade journals have reported the sale of counterfeit goods on internet purchasing platforms, such as virtual shopping malls. A simple internet search for electronic parts yields a flood of eCommerce websites offering an endless variety of products. When using eCommerce websites that are not sponsored by the original manufacturer or its authorized suppliers, a buyer can be vulnerable to counterfeits. According to industry subject matter experts, consumers are most likely to encounter counterfeits through virtual shopping malls that allow third parties to list their own goods.[1]
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FAR / DFAR Case Update (20 Sep 2014)

Status updates from the ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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Can Alibaba knock out knockoffs? — CNBC

Although Alibaba Group has been cracking down on vendors using its online marketplaces to sell counterfeit goods, consumers aren’t likely to be any safer after the company’s initial public offering. …

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DLA Notice to Industry – DNA Marking (11 Sep 2014)

DLA to discontinue issuing solicitations requiring suppliers to provide DNA marked microcircuits. DLA’s Electronic Test Laboratory to mark all microcircuits.

More @ …. DLA Notice to Industry – DNA Marking (11 Sep 2014)

Counterfeit Prevention Standards Gap Analysis — 15 Sep 2014 Update

Here is an update to the standards gap analysis I have been maintaining. It now includes …

  • SAE AS6496 – Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition – Authorized/Franchised Distribution
  • JESDXXX (proposed) – Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition for Manufacturers

Counterfeit Prevention, Detection and Avoidance Standards Gap Analysis for Hardware Products (Updated 15 Sep 2014)

Henry Livingston

NASA Counterfeit Parts Avoidance Discussion Forum – Sept. 29, 2014

NASA Safety and Mission Assurance Discussion Forum

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 • 1-3 P.M. (EDT)

Counterfeit parts within the government supply chain are a growing concern. Join our panelists as they discuss

• U.S. government legislative and regulatory actions
• ERAI and Government Industry Data Exchange Program data scrub
• SAE AS6171, Counterfeit Avoidance Testing Techniques
• Counterfeit detection round robin test results
• Ruminations, myths and unreliable facts
• NASA center test capability matrix
• Counterfeit parts training resources
• NASA Supplier Assessment System (SAS) counterfeit parts database


• Brian Hughitt, NASA’s Quality technical fellow, NASA Headquarters
• Fred Schipp, MDA/Navy Counterfeit Parts Expert, U.S. Navy
• Dan DiMase, G-19A Chairman, SAE
• Steve Walters, Senior Technical Manager, Reliability, Maintainability and System Safety, Honeywell
• Henry Livingston, Engineering Fellow and Technical Director, BAE Systems
• Carlo Abesamis, Procurement Quality Assurance Lead, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
• Kris Dietrich, SAS Database Administrator, SAIC, NASA Johnson Space Center


Non-NASA participants can participate by logging in as a guest with the event link below….

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