FAR / DFAR Case Update (6 April 2014)

Status updates from the ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

  • DFARS Case 2014-D005: Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronic Parts—Further Implementation
    11/07/2013 DARC Director tasked DARS staff to draft proposed DFARS rule. Report due 01/29/2014.
    01/31/2014 Report due date extended to 4/23/2014.
  • DFARS Case 2012-D055: Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronic Parts
    02/11/2014 DAR editor submitted draft final DFARS rule to OIRA. OIRA reviewing.
    Proposed rule published on Federal Register.
  • FAR Case 2012-032: Higher-Level Contract Quality Requirements
    02/26/2014 DARC Director tasked Ad Hoc Team to review public comments, draft final FAR rule. Report due 4/2/2014.
    Report due date extended to 4/30/2014.
    Proposed FAR rule published on the 
    Federal Register (78 FR 76260).
  • FAR Case 2013-002: Expanded Reporting of Nonconforming Supplies
    03/26/2014 CAAC Chair sent draft proposed FAR rule to OIRA.
    OIRA reviewing.
  • DFARS Case 2012-D050: Supply Chain Risk
    01/22/2014 DARC Director tasked Adhoc Cmte. to review public comments, (draft final DFARS rule). Report due 03/19/2014.
    Report due extended to 4/23/2014.
    Rule published on the Federal Register.
  • DFARS Case 2012-D042: Business Systems Compliance
    02/28/2014 DAR editor requested DoD approval to publish draft proposed DFARS rule.
  • FAR Case 2012-024: Commercial and Government Entity Code
    03/19/2014 Draft final FAR rule from FAR analyst to OFPP.
    OFPP reviewing..

FAR Open Cases Report
DFARS Open Cases Report


One thought on “FAR / DFAR Case Update (6 April 2014)

  1. Ken Buch says:

    AS5553 Rev B is in WIP status. Does anyone know when this will be released?

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