CHASE Workshop on Secure/Trustworthy Systems and Supply Chain Assurance, April 9-10, 2014, University of Connecticut

CHASE Annual Workshop on Secure/Trustworthy Systems and Supply Chain Assurance will be held on April 9-10, 2014 at the University of Connecticut.

Registration is complementary.

Workshop Program:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

07:30-08:20am Registration and Breakfast

Session 1:
Session Chair: TBA

08:20-09:00am, Keynote Address, TBA
09:00-09:30am, MDA Supply Chain Assurance, Barry Birdsong, Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
09:30-10:00am, TBA

10:00-10:30am Break

Session 2: CHASE Technologies I
Session Chair: Prof. Jia Di, University of Arkansas

10:30-10:50am, Design of Robust SRAM Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs), Prof. Domenic Forte, UCONN (CHASE)
10:50-11:10am, Counterfeit Coverage Analysis, Prof. Mark Tehranipoor, UCONN (CHASE)
11:10-11:30pm, Novel Imaging Techniques for Counterfeit Detection, Dr. Sina Shahbaz, UCONN (CHASE)
11:30-11:50pm, Advanced Chip Tagging, Prof. Bahram Javidi, UCONN (CHASE)
11:50-12:10pm, A Technology-Independent True Random Number Generator, Tauhid Rahman, UCONN (CHASE)

12:10-01:20pm Lunch

Session 3: Emerging Security Issues: Industry Perspective
Session Chair: Chris Daverse, Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)

01:20-1:40pm, Trends and Challenges in Hardware Security: Growing Threats vs. the Bottom Line, Dr. Celia Merzbacher, Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)
01:40-02:00pm, AMD Platform Security Processor, Dr, Ron Perez, AMD
02:00-02:20pm, TBA
02:20-02:40, Functional Behavior Discovery From Flat Netlists and Detection of Suspicious Components, Lisa McIlrath, R3Logic
02:40-03:00pm, Systems Security: A UTRC/UTC Perspective, Brian Murray, UTRC

03:00-04:00pm, Break and Poster Presentation

Panel: Cyber Physical Systems Security: What Are the Grand Challenges?
Panelists: TBD

Thursday, April 10, 2014

07:30-08:20am Registration and Breakfast

Session 4: Security and Supply Chain Assurance: DOD Perspective
Session Chair: TBA

08:20-08:50am, Keynote II, Detecting and Reporting Counterfeit and Tainted Products, Joe Jarzombek, Department of Homeland Security
08:50-09:15am, TBA
09:15-09:40am, Nanoelectronic Circuits for Hardware Security, Dr. Garrett Rose, AFRL
09:40-10:00am, TBA

10:00-10:30am Break

Session 5: CHASE Technologies II
Session Chair: TBA

10:30-10:50am, Virtualization of Ascend; Architecture for Secure Computation on Encrypted Data, Prof. Marten van Dijk, UCONN (CHASE)
10:50-11:10am, ENS Technology for Advanced for Track and Trace of Integrated Circuits, Prof. Mehdi Anwar, UCONN (CHASE)
11:10-11:30am, Side-Channel Attacks Analysis and Countermeasures, Prof. Jerry Shi, UCONN (CHASE)
11:30-11:50am, Hardware Security Assessment, Profs. John Chandy, Laurent Michel, Jerry Shi, Mark Tehranipoor, UCONN (CHASE)
11:50-12:10pm, Anti-reverse Engineering Using Transient Electronics, Profs. Lei Wang and John Chandy, UCONN (CHASE)

12:10-01:20pm Lunch

Session 6: Security, Counterfeit, and Traceability
Session Chair: TBA

01:20-01:40pm, Cybersecurity Challenges: A Comcast Perspective, Charles Hudson, Comcast
01:40-02:00pm, Chip and System Traceability, Bill Eklow, Cisco
02:00-02:20pm, Credible Chain of Custody, David Brown, Intel
02:20-02:40, Counterfeit Detection: Honeywell Round Robin Test, Steve Walters, Honeywell
02:40-03:00, Cloned ICs: A Rising Threat to the Electronic Component Supply Chain, Tom Sharpe, SMT Corp.

03:00-04:00pm, Break and Project Demonstrations

Panel: Chip and System Traceability: How Far Can We Go?
Dan DiMase, Honeywell
Bill Eklow, Cisco
Sultan Lilani, Integra Technologies

04:30-05:40pm, Closing Remarks

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