Counterfeit Detection & Avoidance Topics at the DMSMS 2013 Conference

This year’s DMSMS Conference will include a panel discussion on counterfeit detection and avoidance standards. …

 “The purpose of the panel is to assemble leads from the various standards committees who have created counterfeit parts avoidance and detection standards in an effort to have a better understanding of the landscape of committees and standards, and what their purpose is in addressing the problem. Each of the panelists will give a brief description of the scope, purpose, applicability, and which sector of the supply chain and commodities their standard applies. In addition, the panelists will provide a brief overview of the framework of their standard and what they are controlling with the requirements specified. …”

 This year’s DMSMS conference will also include several technical and training sessions throughout the week covering specific topics associated with the counterfeit parts issue. …

  • GIDEP and Suspect Counterfeit
  • AS6171 Counterfeit Electronics Detection Test
  • Counterfeit Materiel – Detection and Testing
  • Counterfeit Material – Mitigation: Policies, Procedures and Metrics
  • Counterfeit Materiel – Advanced Detection, Testing and Tracking
  • Counterfeit Materiel – Prevention
  • GIDEP & Suspect Counterfeit Reporting Training
  • Counterfeit Materiel – CHASE Advanced Technologies for Counterfeit Detection and Avoidance
  • Counterfeit Material – Concepts and Framework
  • Counterfeit Parts Avoidance & Detection Standards Panel Questions & Answers Workshop

 For more information and abstracts see the DMSMS 2012 Conference Agenda


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