New Book – “Criminal Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: U.S. Perspective”, by Sherri L. Schornstein

In Criminal Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: U.S. Perspective, career federal prosecutor Sherri Schornstein demystifies the criminal legal process by guiding readers through the federal prosecution maze. She offers detailed information about criminal enforcement, including the roles of government agencies and how private industry can develop case referrals. She also provides cross-industry interviews with former high-ranking government insiders, investigators, attorneys, academics, and brand protection professionals who share experiences concerning the enforcement challenge. This book will be a valuable addition to every industry sector and a resource for those in other countries seeking to understand how the U.S. criminal justice system addresses IP crime.

  • Provides in-depth information about the criminal enforcement of intellectual property rights in the United States
  • Explains the criminal legal process with ways to develop cases for criminal referral
  • Describes how to present a case to the government for investigation and prosecution
  • Provides detailed resource and reference information along with the links to the Internet sources to facilitate further research
  • Contains helpful appendices to supplement the analysis along with pertinent contact information for government and industry trade groups
  • Details groundbreaking prosecutions for distribution of counterfeit microelectronics
  • Provides a time line of semiconductor counterfeiting in China
  • Explains parallel issues between counterfeit integrated circuits and counterfeit pharmaceuticals

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