SIA Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force White Paper – Winning the Battle Against Counterfeit Semiconductor Products (August 2013)

The SIA Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force (ACTF) recently published a comprehensive white paper on the counterfeit semiconductor threat …

Winning the Battle Against Counterfeit Semiconductor Products (August 2013)

This white paper includes a number of themes familiar to those who have been following the SIA ACTF’s work, e.g. “buying in-production semiconductor products from OCMs and their Authorized Distributors, and buying legacy products from OCM’s Authorized Aftermarket Distributors/Manufacturers.”

This white paper also includes discussion concerning the potential quality and reliability issues associated with counterfeit parts and the significant challenges to authenticating parts acquired from the open market …

“…authentication determinations on suspect components are difficult to make and are often erroneous. Consequently, most counterfeit mitigation programs will not be effective unless they require that component purchases be exclusively through authorized sources. …”

“… Various standards, including SAE AS5553 and IDEA-STD-1010, provide detailed guidelines on identifying counterfeit components. … these standards are generally ineffective for identifying the latest forms of counterfeiting.  …”

“… no suite of test methods, even if conducted on 100% of suspect units, can provide full assurance that products are authentic and reliable. …”

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