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FAR / DFAR Case Update (26 July 2013)

Status updates from the 26 July ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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American Bar Association comments on DFARS Case 2012-D055

Comments on DFARS Case 2012-D055 from The Section of Public Contract Law of the American Bar Association

Federal Plan to Scuttle Phony Electronic Parts Baffles Suppliers — E-Commerce Times

The DoD should extend its proposal to include vendors “at all tiers,” including a “flow down” to suppliers that are not original sources and obtain electronic parts from other sources, suggested the SIA. In short, DoD’s proposal failed to properly reflect a complex supply chain consisting of bona-fide original equipment providers, legitimate secondary sources, and purveyors of bogus products, argued critics.

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What is not enough and what is too much when it comes to electrical test for counterfeit mitigation for EEE devices? – Sultan Ali Lilani, Integra Technologies,LLC

“The extent of electrical testing that is required to authenticate the product in question must take into consideration the application and the risks (product risk, component risk, and supplier risk) associated with the application. It is imperative that we understand the risk level and what we are trying to accomplish when a test plan is set up. …”

More at SAE Counterfeit Parts Portal

FAR / DFAR Case Update (19 July 2013)

Status updates from the 19 July ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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Industry Comments on the Proposed DFARS Rule on Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronic Parts (DFARS Case 2012-D055)

A number of industry comments have been submitted in response to the proposed DFARS rule on detection and avoidance of counterfeit electronic parts. Comments submitted are being posted to ( Docket DARS-2013-0014 ).

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USDOJ: Massachusetts Man Charged with Selling Counterfeit Semiconductors Intended for Use on Nuclear Submarines

“Peter Picone, 40, of Methuen, Mass., has been charged with importing counterfeit semiconductors from China for sale in the United States. …”

More at USDOJ.

FAR / DFAR Case Update (8 July 2013)

Status updates from the 8 July ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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CHASE Survey on 6 Most Important Topics in Hardware Security

From Dr Mohammad Tehranipoor, Director, CHASE Center, The University of Connecticut …

Dear Colleagues,

We are conducting a survey on the six most important problems that we are (will be) facing in the filed of Hardware Assurance and Security, and your response to this survey would be greatly appreciated. This should not take more than 5-7 minutes of your valuable time.

Here is a link to the survey:

Thanks for your participation! We will be glad to share the result of this survey when collected.

Mohammad Tehranipoor
Director, CHASE Center
The University of Connecticut