Example of Counterfeit Prevention for Bare Die Products

When describing counterfeit prevention for microelectronic products, literature and standards tend to focus on packaged products. After the original release of AS5553, G19 committee participants discussed the need for counterfeit avoidance and detection protocols directed toward bare die products.

Though discussions have occurred during joint meetings with the JEDEC JC-13.5 Hybrid, RF/Microwave, and MCM Technology Committee (representing component producers) and TechAmerica G12 Solid State Devices Committee (representing component users), standards activity has not yet produced counterfeit prevention requirements specifically for bare die products.

Here is an recent example of an ‘anti-counterfeit program’ established by a supplier of bare die products …

Anti-Counterfeit Program – Micross Components

This program includes a number of elements worth further study — validation protocols vs chain of custody, documentation review, device testing, customer notification when chain of custody is questionable, etc.


One thought on “Example of Counterfeit Prevention for Bare Die Products

  1. John Wilson says:

    I often wonder about the numbers of die counterfeit reported. Worked for years buying die and hybrid micro electronic assemblies. Still keep in touch with many engineers in the industry. Do have any idea how many die parts have been reported over the last 5 years ?

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