NASA Proposes New Definitions

NASA is proposing new definitions for the terms "counterfeit goods" and "legally authorized source" for inclusion within the NASA FAR Supplement …

NASA FAR Supplement Regulatory Review No. 1 (2013-06441)

A Proposed Rule by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to be published on 04/18/2013

"NASA is updating the NASA FAR Supplement (NFS) with the goal of eliminating unnecessary regulation, streamlining overly burdensome regulation, clarifying language, and simplifying processes where possible. This proposed rule is the first in a series and includes updates and revisions to five NFS parts. …"


7. Add Subpart 1846.1 to read as follows:

1846.101 Definitions.

"Counterfeit goods" means an item that is an unauthorized copy or substitute that has been identified, marked, and/or altered by a source other than the item’s legally authorized source and has been misrepresented to be an authorized item of the legally authorized source.

"Legally authorized source" means the current design activity or the original manufacturer or a supplier authorized by the current design activity or the original manufacturer to produce an item.


3 thoughts on “NASA Proposes New Definitions

  1. Dan Deisz says:

    I wonder how NASA defines a product out of the GEMS program at DLA given these definitions?

  2. Cynthia Gordon says:

    Perhaps Steven Foster with the Dryden Flight Research Center @ NASA could weigh in on this.

    NASA introducing language of “legally authorized source “? How is that different from authorized source? The idea is to conform and cut redundancy.

    Direction on this all must come from and concur with the DOD, too many definitions and too many opinions from different government entities.

  3. The definition of “counterfeit goods” that appears in the proposal for inclusion in the NASA FAR Supplement appears to be identical to the definition of “counterfeit materiel” that appears in the new DODI 4140.76. …

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