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Defense Industry Initiative of Ethics and Business Conduct (DII) Best Practices Forum

The Defense Industry Initiative of Ethics and Business Conduct (DII) helps train thousands of ethics and compliance officers and senior defense-industry officials how to comply with contracting laws at home and abroad. DII holds a Best Practices Forum in Washington each year. DII’s Annual Best Practices Forum gives signatories and guests an opportunity to hear speakers focusing on ethics and compliance issues, to network with other DII signatories and to interact with government ethics professionals.

During this year’s Annual Best Practices Forum I will be participating in panel of subject matter experts discussing “Hot Compliance Topics in the Supply Chain”. Continue reading

NASA Proposes New Definitions

NASA is proposing new definitions for the terms "counterfeit goods" and "legally authorized source" for inclusion within the NASA FAR Supplement … Continue reading

Trade Secret Theft & Economic Espionage Legislative Review – IPEC

From The U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator … Continue reading

Penalties of the Past

After my wife and I visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to see the “Samurai” exhibit this past week, my son suggested that standards may have been needed to detect counterfeit silk lace used in samurai armor. This comical interchange prompted some casual research into how our ancestors dealt with the the counterfeiting problem. I found information worth considering today for applying penalties associated with counterfeiting or altering various authentication and provenance tracking schemes in addition to penalties for counterfeiting the goods themselves.

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FAR / DFAR Case Update (12 Apr 2013)

Status updates from the 12 April ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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Preoccupied with my occupation …


My wife Julie took this photo when we saw the Samurai exhibit at the MFA, Boston.
Caption courtesy of my son, Alex, who knows me too well.

Proposed SAE AS6171 and its Risk Levels – Observations and Recommendations to Support Practical Risk Management Applications

The SAE G19A Test Laboratory Standards Development Committee is working on a new standard, AS6171, “Test Methods Standard; Counterfeit Electronic Parts”, intended to support AS5553. My understanding is that AS6171 will eventually replace the product assurance section that currently appears in AS5553A. Thus far, SAE G19A subcommittee has put forth ballots for four test method documents. All of these proposed test methods map test and inspections to one or more of five risk levels and refer to AS6171 for definitions and implementation of these risk levels. AS6171 is in the form of a working draft and has not yet been submitted for balloting.

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FAR / DFAR Case Update (5 Apr 2013)

Status updates from the 5 April ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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