Standards Update – SAE G19AD Authorized Distributor Committee

SAE International formed a new subcommittee to the G-19 Counterfeit Electronic Parts Committee …

SAE G19AD Authorized Distributor Committee

Scope and Charter:

This purpose of the Authorized Distribution Counterfeit Mitigation committee is to standardize practices and Counterfeit Mitigation procedures required for an organization performing Authorized Distribution. The standard will provide requirements and guidance for transactions operating under an Authorized Distribution agreement between the Distributor and the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) and the end-user/customer. The standard will define procedures for:

    a) Determining minimum requirements for transactions to be considered within authorized distribution
    b) Counterfeit avoidance procedures and traceability requirements
    c) Inventory controls
    d) Packaging & Repackaging
    e) Verification of Authorization & Disclosures
    f) OCM warranty flow-down
    g) Returns, Stock Rotations, Excess Inventory & Scrap
    h) Documentation & Record Retention
    i) Relevant terms and definitions
    j) C of C requirements
    k) Purchasing Controls
    l) Internal Audit


    Robin Gray, Chief Operating Officer, Electronic Components Industry Assoc.
    Kevin Sink, VP Total Quality, TTI Inc.

Proposed Standard:

    AS7777 – Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition – Authorized Distribution

See the update to the “SAE G-19 Document Roadmap

See the update to “Standards Gap Analysis


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