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PastBlast: “Beware the Sudden Experts” – OQRI LLC

An excellent history lesson ….

PastBlast: “Beware the Sudden Experts”.

My favorite passage is….

“It is almost amusing to note how within a few short weeks of publication of ISO 9001:2000 there were suddenly so many experts on the subject. (In fact, one could get a real belly laugh from all the “experts” who had qualifications on the DRAFT versions of the standard, which were not even auditable!) The truth is, these “Sudden Experts” did nothing more than what the non-expert does: they read the books.”


Fantino misled by DND over fake plane parts – CBC News

“… Officials at National Defence headquarters in Ottawa have now admitted to CBC News that the department had known at least four months before Fantino’s interview that the same counterfeit parts were also in Canada’s brand new Hercules planes. …”

More ar CBC News

Conference on Counterfeit Electronics Addresses Growing National Concern | UConn Today

“Some of the nation’s top experts in computer hardware security gathered in Storrs this week to discuss new ways to thwart a growing international counterfeit electronics industry…”

More at UConn Today.

FAR / DFAR Case Update (1 Feb 2013)

Status updates from the 1 February ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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How IAQG Could Have Spent $750 to Shut Down AS9100 Certificate Mills Forever – OQRI LLC

Here is an interesting opinion piece on the AS9100 certification scheme’s vulnerability to “anyone with enough electricity to run a dot matrix printer”. An important lesson for developing certification schemes to prevent ‘counterfeit certifications’ to counterfeit prevention standards …

How IAQG Could Have Spent $750 to Shut Down AS9100 Certificate Mills Forever.