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FAR / DFAR Case Update (15 Feb 2013)

Status updates from the 15 February ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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Counterfeit Parts – Intermediate Training

UPDATED date and time…

“Counterfeit Parts – Intermediate Training” will be held in conjunction with the NASA Quality Leadership Forum on Thursday, March 21, 8-12 noon, at the Radisson at the Port, Cape Canaveral, Florida. …

Counterfeit Parts Training Flyer

Event – Supply Chain Security: Reducing Threats to Critical Systems – The Public Contracting Institute

On March 26, 2013, Robert Metzger and Jeff Chiow will present a day-long program, hosted by the Public Contracting Institute, which will focus on the nexus between supply chain risk management, information security and the cyber threat. …

Supply Chain Security: Reducing Threats to Critical Systems.

Cyber, Supply Chain and Information Security: New Developments & The Big Picture – Rogers Joseph O’Donnell

Here is an excellent piece in response to the President’s issuance of a new Executive Order on cybersecurity. Bob Metzger and Jeff Chiow of Rogers Joseph O’Donnell collaborated on putting together an “advisory” that looks at the combined relationships among cyber, supply chain and information security. …

Cyber, Supply Chain and Information Security: New Developments & The Big Picture

Where Policy, Legislation, Standards and Practicality Collide – Counterfeit Parts Prevention Issues Requiring Government / Industry Collaboration to Address

Legislation and regulatory requirements and standards gaps continue to present aerospace & defense industry and US government users with significant implementation challenges with respect to counterfeit part avoidance and detection. The counterfeit parts issue is similar to the lead-free electronics issue in that regulations drive the need for standards, but technical challenges and supply chain limitations must be recognized so that reasonable and implementable regulations and policies are developed in response to the threat. Though many of these challenges have been discussed in Industry and Government forums and described in trade literature and the media, many remain unresolved.

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Letter By Lieutenant-General Yvan Blondin About Counterfeit Chinese Parts in Canadian C-130Js | Ottawa Citizen

“RCAF commander Lieutenant-General Yvan Blondin has waded into the issue about counterfeit Chinese parts in Canadian C-130Js with a letter to both the CBC and the National Post….

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Counterfeit Parts Avoidance and Detection Standards Gap Analysis

Some my colleagues recently expressed interest in a gap analysis I performed concerning counterfeit parts avoidance and detection standards. I initially prepared this gap analysis in 2009 (after the release of AS5553) and recently updated it to include new SAE documents and to remove others that are now obsolete.

Standards Gap Analysis

Here are my observations from this gap analysis …

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FAR / DFAR Case Update (8 Feb 2013)

Status updates from the 8 February ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

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Canadian air force CC-130J aircraft counterfeit parts alleged –

OTTAWA, Feb. 8 (UPI) — The head of the Canadian air force says the service will continue flying its CC-130J Hercules despite allegations of counterfeit parts… “…there are no safety concerns and no flight limitations to our aircraft as a result of alleged counterfeit parts,” said Lt. Gen. Yvan Blondin.

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one of the top 5% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles for 2012

I presume this is largely due to publicizing this blog through LinkedIn …

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