FAR / DFAR Case Update (8 Feb 2013)

Status updates from the 8 February ‘Open Cases Reports’ …

  • DFARS Case 2012-D055: Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronic Parts –
    01/23/2013 DAR editor sent draft proposed DFARS rule to OIRA. OIRA reviewing.
  • DFARS Case 2012-D050: Supply Chain Risk –
    02/06/2013 DARC agreed to draft interim DFARS rule. DAR staff processing.
  • DFARS Case 2012-D042: Business Systems Compliance –
    Report Due extended to 2/13/2013.
  • FAR Case 2012-024: Commercial and Government Entity Code –
    OFPP concurrence with draft proposed FAR rule. FAR staff preparing to send to OIRA.
  • FAR Case 2012-032: Higher-Level Contract Quality Requirements –
    02/07/2013 Resolved draft proposed FAR rule open issues. FAR staff processing.
  • FAR Case 2013-002: Expanded Reporting of Nonconforming Supplies –
    Report Due 2/20/2013.

See the FAR/DFAR page for details.


One thought on “FAR / DFAR Case Update (8 Feb 2013)

  1. Owen Peters says:

    For those who have been following the progress of the DFARS Open Case 2012-D055 (Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronic Parts), despite its’ potential and/or questionable impact upon counterfeit electronics in our military supply chain, yesterday’s Open Case Report indicates it is still under review by OIRA. I had presumed that once approved by the White House (OIRA) it would be printed in the Federal Register and after a comment period (usually 30-60 days) would become “law”. Unfortunately, nothing is that quick. It appears that it then goes back to the Case Manager/Editor for “preparation” to be printed which can take a significant amount of time. Here’s a note regarding one, a totally unrelated case, that has taken months of “preparation” and still hasn’t been published: “10/26/2012 OIRA cleared final DFARS rule. DAR editor preparing for publication.”

    In any event things seem to be headed in the right direction and implementation of section 818 of NDAA 2012 is a high priority, so maybe we can expect a more expeditious process…

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