New Innovations in Counterfeiting (Humor among colleagues)

It might come as a surprise to some that many of us intensely engaged in such a sobering activity have a pretty fierce sense of humor. A few of us who correspond regularly on counterfeit parts issues had a comical dialog this week and one of us took a few moments to reassemble the interchange and removed our names to preserve our anonymity and our dignity. …

“Some of you know that my primary job is focused on anti-counterfeiting and we had an email exchange today that I thought was appropriate for sharing – I left the names out but the first note is from some at the Dept. of Defense with whom I have worked with for the last couple of years.

Writer One: In my 6-plus years of looking into counterfeit part and materials, I’ve seen, read, or been told about counterfeit integrated circuits, semiconductors, tourniquets, fire extinguishers, pharmaceuticals, IDs, smoke detectors, bolts, circuit breakers, titanium, and the list goes on and on, almost to the point of thinking ANYTHING can be counterfeited. Almost. Until now. College football and Notre Dame’s roster have now proven that even girlfriends can be counterfeited. I expect that this new innovation may prove to be much more profitable to the criminal community than electronic parts. I can envision thousands of lonely guys out there reading about the fake girlfriend and taking steps of their own to pay top dollar to get their own ‘loves of their lives’. Hopefully this takes some of the counterfeiters away from electronics and into this more lucrative business.

I can only imagine the type of authentication inspection and testing that would be needed to validate the girlfriend was real. Needless to say, the Office of Guided Missiles would need to be involved in the validation work.

To say nothing of the embarrassment if there was malicious code (or cameras) installed.

Writer 2 (an expert on counterfeiting and identification processes) – My wife tells me I am not allowed to look into this one.

Writer 3 – Perhaps she a Chinese ‘plant’. How long have you been married?

Writer 4 – It should come as no surprise that our company already has a very comprehensive mitigation process for this type of new counterfeit as well – my 24 year old son insisted he runs this lab….(it could not be photo documented – sorry)

It goes on but is not really repeatable because they started using terminology from our anti-counterfeit business but they gave the words really new meanings.

I am truly sorry for the football player and all of those affected by the hoax but every day fraudsters and hackers, etc. hurt some portion of our population because the penalties are light and it’s hard to catch them.

Watch what you buy. Counterfeiters are really business competitors to honest business people but they just don’t care about who they hurt.”


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