SAE Standards Update

The SAE G19 Committee leadership provided a summary status of standards ‘work in process’ (as of 21 December 2012) …

AS5553 Revision A – Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition
Status: AS5553A is in the final phases of review by the SAE Aerospace Council and should be released in January.

AIR6273 – Terms and Definitions – Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts
Status: work continuing into 2013.

AS6171 – Test Methods Standard; Counterfeit Electronic Parts
Status: G19A expects to assemble the initial draft within the next few months.

‘Authorized Distribution’
Status: G19AD subcommittee formed to collaborate with ECIA work underway. The exact scope of this new effort, involving Authorized Distribution, OCMs and OEMs, is still pending. As G19D developed AS6081, there were issues that were identified with current practices of Authorized Distribution. G19D membership is also engaged with ECIA and has documented issues that we hope a collaboration between ECIA and G19 will resolve. The extent of such an effort is still to be determined, but the intent is to complement and not conflict with the ECIA effort and will focus on mitigating counterfeit electronic parts. Co-chairs for the G-19 effort have been identified and will be from the ECIA. More information will be released within the next couple months.
NOTE: It is my hope that this new standards activity will address the issues I described earlier…
Defining ‘Authorized Distributors’ (
Keeping Track of ‘Authorized Distributors’ (


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