FAR / DFAR Case Update (26 Oct 2012)

Status updates from the 26 October ‘Open Cases Reports’.

  • DFARS Case 2012-D055: Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronic Parts – Report due 31 Oct 2012
  • DFARS Case 2012-D050: Supply Chain Risk – Report due 14 Nov 2012
  • DFARS Case 2012-D042: Business Systems Compliance – Report due 31 Oct 2012
  • FAR Case 2012-024: Commercial and Government Entity Code – Draft proposed FAR rule from FAR analyst to CAAC Legal. CAAC Legal reviewing
  • FAR Case 2012-032: Higher-Level Contract Quality Requirements – DARC Director tasked ad hoc team to draft proposed FAR rule. Report due 12/19/2012
  • FAR Case 2013-002: Expanded Reporting of Nonconforming Supplies – DARC Director tasked Ad Hoc Team to draft proposed FAR rule. Report due 1/23/2013

See the FAR/DFAR page for details.


3 thoughts on “FAR / DFAR Case Update (26 Oct 2012)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Re: Counterfeit Electronics
    From an EBN comment:

    I’m surprised that there aren’t any cases that address e-waste. “If the counterfeiters did not have any of the scrap material to use for counterfeiting, ( i.e. if you dried up their supply) then their ability to remove parts, remark them and sell them as new parts would be gone, (or at least curtailed). I believe, as do others, that we would be served best if we did all the scrapping of used, old, unwanted electronic items here in the United States, where the reclamation of the desired materials could be done correctly and under our supervision. We need to stop shipping this unwanted material offshore, and, instead, do the reclamation here.” Are you aware of any such DoD or other government entities proposals addressing this element of the problem?

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