SMTA/CALCE Counterfeit Electronic Parts and Electronic Supply Chain Symposium (December 4-6, 2012)

The technical program is now finalized.

See the full program.

Featured Speakers
Business Practices: JPL’s Process for Avoiding Counterfeit Electronic Parts
Lori Risse, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Implementing the Details of a Successful Counterfeit Risk Mitigation Program
Rick Roelecke, L-3 Communications Corporation

DNA Marking to Assure Product Authenticity
Janice Meraglia and Alex Tran, Applied DNA

Counterfeit IC Avoidance Techniques for Today’s High Performance Memories and Microprocessors
Sultan Lilani, Integra Technologies

Listed below are half-day and full-day workshops led by industry professionals with extensive experience in their respective subject areas. Workshop instructors deliver focused, in-depth presentations on topics of timely importance, based on their research and industry experience.

WS1 – (Full Day) Counterfeit Part Avoidance and Detection

WS2 – (Half Day) Managing Electronic Part Obsolescence

WS3 – (Half Day) A Roadmap to Addressing Counterfeit Components

WS4 – (Half Day) Integration of Counterfeit Mitigation Policies into Quality Programs

WS5 – (Half Day) Reporting Counterfeits in GIDEP


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