Observations from the IPC/EPTAC Webinar “Counterfeit Components – Determining Your Plan of Attack”

Earlier today, EPTAC hosted a brief webinar on “Counterfeit Components – Determining Your Plan of Attack”.

This webinar provided an excellent introductory level overview of the counterfeit electronic parts issue, how counterfeits tend to find their way into the electronics equipment supply chain, fundamental avoidance practices, and the importance of training programs to arm an organization with the skills necessary to apply counterfeit avoidance practices. I offer the following thoughts for EPTAC to consider for future installments of this excellent introductory level briefing.

Early in the briefing, the presenter touched upon the potential impact of a counterfeit part quality escape might have on military equipment applications. To further support the themes discussed by the presenter for future webinars or similar training events, the audience would benefit from an overview of new requirements expected from the US Department of Defense (DoD) described in Section 818 of the FY2012 National Defense Authorization Act. This will help suppliers to understand expectations from customers that may be new to them and encourage them to take definitive steps to prepare to meet these expectations of players within the DoD supply chain. This would also benefit other market sectors whose customers are considering adopting a similar approach; though this legislation is directed to DoD and its suppliers, it embraces many of the concepts discussed during the webinar and is relevant to other markets whose product demand high reliability and address public health and safety concerns.

Since IDEA standards and certification programs were discussed by the presenter as resources to apply toward counterfeit avoidance practices, the audience would benefit from a brief discussion of how IDEA standards and certification programs fit within the broader scheme of counterfeit avoidance and detection methods.

Good job, Mark.

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