The Center for Hardware Assurance, Security, and Engineering (CHASE) – A promising plan to focus and coordinate research and development activity

This past summer, I participated in a kick-off meeting at the University of Connecticut concerning the formation of the “Center for Hardware Assurance, Security, and Engineering” (CHASE). The concept and formation of CHASE was the result of subject matter experts among the user community identifying the need for a collaborative, non-biased environment to focus and coordinate research and development activity associated with cyber security of electronics and anti-counterfeiting approaches and tools applied to electronic component use.

I recently met with faculty members from UConn’s Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department to learn more about plans for CHASE specific to counterfeit electronic component avoidance and detection activity. During my recent visit, I got further exposure to the CHASE Center’s approach to counterfeit detection method assessment and development. Unlike other initiatives, the CHASE Center’s approach is based on understanding the specific defects associated with counterfeit products and the effects those defects have on device performance and reliability. [See my earlier writings on “Understanding Threats and Developing Countermeasures”.] If CHASE is successful in its approach and in developing tools to implement it, the results will yield valuable resources for the user community in effective execution of vulnerability assessments, risk management, avoidance methodologies and detection techniques.

I encourage the A&D community to watch this activity very closely.

More information on CHASE is available here.


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