Observations from EBN’s Webinar on ‘The holistic approach to anti-counterfeiting’

EBN hosted a webinar on 12 September where presenters discussed targets and methods of counterfeiting, current detection measures, and anti-counterfeiting best practices. I found the briefings by the following presenters particularly important—

  • Andrew Olney, Director of Reliability and Product Analysis, Analog Devices and Chairman of SIA’s Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force
  • Dan Deisz, Director of Design Engineering, Rochester Electronics

Topics covered by these two presenters included important observations concerning semiconductor reliability issues associated with countefeits and shortcomings with common test and inspection methodologies applied to detect counterfeits.

One particular point that I think needs more visibility and study is a theme threaded through the entire webinar ….

Counterfeits can escape the more common test and inspection methodologies applied to detect countefeits, including those that can introduce significant reliability risks.

Subject matter experts would do the user community a great service by conducting studies and publishing results on the reliability hazards of various forms of counterfeits and obstacles to a user or 3rd party’s ability to detect them.

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