USNC/IECQ Announces the formation of DAG (Distributors Advisory Group)

“The mission of USNC/IECQ Distributors Advisory Group (DAG) is to protect the safety of our nation’s Department of Defense as well as the general public by regulating policies and procedures necessary for counterfeit avoidance, detection, mitigation, and disposition, and assuring appropriate regulatory bodies implement them. … The USNC/IECQ Distributors Advisory Group (DAG) was formed to enable a single body that will develop and implement a set of industry based Distributor certification requirements for counterfeit avoidance, detection, mitigation, & disposition.”



2 thoughts on “USNC/IECQ Announces the formation of DAG (Distributors Advisory Group)

  1. Todd Kramer says:

    The formation of the USNC/IECQ Distributor’s Advisory Group (“DAG”) was driven by the lack of International Conformity Assessment within the Defense & Aerospace industry with regards to counterfeit components entering the supply chain. Lloyd Condra, Chairman of the USNC/IECQ IAB, Convener TC 107 and Senior Technical Fellow The Boeing Company, was instrumental in forming USNC/IECQ DAG. As Chairman of the USNC/IECQ IAB, which the DAG operates under, Lloyd Condra understands the national and international network in which the IEC IECQ System operates.

    The other groups you mentioned have been an instrumental contributor to the ongoing counterfeit mitigation dialogue. However, in order to truly combat the severity and global nature of the counterfeit epidemic, we felt that the issue needed to be addressed at an international level.

    Producing, implementing and performing conformity assessment on new international standards is a monumental task. SAE has done the heavy lifting with respect to producing the new AS5553 and AS6081 standards. The G-19 group will ultimately let industry choose which conformity assessment program to use. Once SAE releases the AS6081 & AS5553 standards, any certification body can certify to these new accepted standards.

    The other groups you mentioned, such as IDEA & CCAP-101, have developed certification systems of their own. Whereas, DAG is aligned with the USNC/IECQ, who have extensive experience implementing and overseeing international conformity assessment standards. DAG’s strategic partnership with USNC/IECQ will provide DAG members with direct access to an independent and internationally recognized standards organization. Having USNC/IECQ as a resource will be critical as DAG members seek to conform with and implement the new AS6081 standard.

    Through the support of the IEC, whose membership consists of more than 60 participating countries, DAG was formed and the mission was clear. Specifically, the mission of DAG is to work in tandem with USNC/IECQ to create and implement a credible international certification process that results in safe, reliable and authentic components entering the supply chain.

    We can have many standards written by many interested parties and stakeholders, or we can band together to create a single internationally accepted standard. DAG members will have access to ANSI/USNC activities, will participate in national and international IEC IECQ activities and will work to form the International Counterfeit Avoidance Mark Alliance Corporation.

    DAG is a unique, strategic and forward-thinking group. Distributors must be part of the counterfeit avoidance conversation. DAG, by aligning with USNC/IECQ, has positioned itself as an important voice and partner in the effort to protect the supply chain from counterfeits.

    Todd Kramer
    Secure Components

  2. The following is a briefing on The ECC Corporation website ( that is relevant to the DAG’s plans….

    “Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, Disposition & Certification”

    During the DAG’s introductory conference call this morning, the presenters encouraged interested parties to attend the following meeting…

    USNC/IECQ ECCC IAB and Corporation Meetings
    September 18-20, 2012
    Location: ANAB Headquarters, ASQ Center, 600 N. Plankinton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203

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