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U.S. IPEC Intellectual Property Spotlight, May-June 2012 Edition

From Ms Victoria Espinel, U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, Executive Office of the President …

Attached is the twelfth IPEC Spotlight, which highlights some of the work that the Obama Administration is doing to protect intellectual property rights and fight infringement.

In May, President Obama and the other leaders of the G-8 released a Joint Statement firmly declaring the pressing need for diligent protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights while preserving and encouraging the free exchange of information. In June, my office released a two-year Anniversary Report on Administration progress on intellectual property enforcement since the release of the original Joint Strategic Plan in 2010, and we announced an IPEC Federal Register Notice on the White House website, marking the start of the public comment period to inform a new enforcement strategy.

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Understanding Threats and Developing Countermeasures – Synergies between Industry, academic research and US Government activities

I have observed over the past few years that the lines have blurred between electronics that are counterfeit, fraudulent, tampered with, poorly made and many other descriptions of threats to product integrity. Industry, academic research and US Government activities addressing intellectual property enforcement (2011 IPEC Annual Report), cyber supply chain risk management (111th Congress H.R. 6523 § 806) and counterfeit electronic parts avoidance and detection (112th Congress H.R. 1540 § 818) often reveal similarities among threats and synergy among countermeasures. Similar challenges exist to developing and implementing standards, policies, legislation, and regulations intended to address these threats.

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A Disappointment from the Official White House Gift Shop

I had business in DC today and while rounding the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 15th Street, I noticed the Official White House Gift Shop. I stopped in for souvenir shopping and picked up an American Flag lapel pin and a White House lapel pin. I was pleased to see that the American Flag lapel pin had a prominent tag asserting that it was “MADE IN USA”. I was disappointed to see what I found hidden beneath the price sticker on the box for the White House lapel pin …..



July 11, 2012 – “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission today became the 21st partner agency to the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, a part of the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The agreement outlines the collaborative investigative efforts and cooperation protocols the two agencies will share related to counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect parts and equipment used in nuclear power plants and devices using nuclear materials.”

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“John Denslinger of Murata talks about the advantages of” – ECIA

“The ECIA’s “authorized only” electronic components inventory search site is “a bonus for everybody”, according to John Denslinger. Users can find manufacturers’ authorized products, from top distributors counterfeit-free on one central Web site.”