A bogus press release

Along with the rather sober writings on the counterfeit parts topic, I thought I would share a bit of humor.

I had a great laugh when I found what appears to be a two way translation of a recent press release by Mouser. The irony of it is (1) this remanufactured press release concerns an OCM authorized distributor, and (2) it concerns a company’s support to counterfeit avoidance and detection policy. My favorite passages describe “policies and procedures to keep tawdry components out of the invulnerability supply chain“, and “an OCM certified distributor committed to providing genuine, certified components“. It hadn’t occurred to me that there might be a certified distributor of genuine, counterfeit parts. Certifiable maybe. Take a peek soon— I speculated that once Mouser becomes aware of it, this bogus press release will be seized and quarantined …
Mouser Electronics To Support New U.S. Anti-Counterfeit Law

The title of this bogus press release was translated correctly. I am relieved to know that Mouser supports US laws, but I speculate that that if there are distributors who do not I won’t see a press release from them any time soon particularly if they support the sale of counterfeits.

Henry Livingston

One thought on “A bogus press release

  1. Erik says:


    Loved the blog post! I work for Mouser Electronics, but my response is my own. I can definitely say that we at Mouser take the threat of counterfeit components very seriously and go through great lengths to make sure our customers get 100% genuine parts straight from the manufacturer.

    I’m not sure where this bogus press release came from, my guess would be by being hastily translated and re-translated to generate content for various sites to boost their SEO without regard to clarity. I do appreciate the irony as well, however, that’s why I encourage you and your readers to say “NO” to counterfeit PRs and only get your news from our press room (mouser.com/pressroom) or one of our trusted news affiliates!

    Thanks for the laughs,


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